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The Turning Point...

During my 3rd Semester of my engineering, in 1996, I lost my beloved father. It was a huge shock for me and for all my family members.

Nevertheless, I continued. But these questions kept hunting me for a long time.

Who am i

Why i am suffering

what is the goal of life

what is death

why we die

what happens to us after death

what is reincarnation

and many more...

are we supposed to work, take care of family, grow old, get diseased and die

i realized, this can not be the goal of human form of life

As I was looking for answers, I came across this bhagvat Gita.

As i read through, some understanding came in, but for those things i could not understand, i needed someone to help me understand. there are such deep meanings and insights which can not be easily understood. then when i came across my mentor, he hand hold me to progress. I am eternally indebted to him, who also brought me closer to my spiritual master, by whose mercy, i am what i am today

Ganga Nar

The key to being extraordinary is knowing what to do and what not.

That's called CLARITY

Invitations To Speak

Nelson Mandela said that if you want to change the world, change education. Most of my efforts are focused on creating new education models for mankind around Bhagvat Gita Principles and introducing these to corporate's, schools, and businesses. We have enormous number of students who are experiencing personal transformation and raising their human consciousness, after engrossing in Gita’s vast education. We know that one day this number will exceed 100s of thousands and are aiming for a million.

Inspiring Doctors

Educated and intelligent and responsible people of society take this Gita Knowledge and apply in their lives, and they not only experience the tangible transformation in their lives they are able to create massive impact in others lives as well. This is such an event where more than 200 renowned doctors came to understand the principles of Gita

Event: Medical Practitioners Association - 2021

Motivating Corporate Leaders

What would happen if we made education lifelong? And what if the whole world was our campus? Spiritual Pleasure Hub is an audacious experiment in education for the future - where every day, we work to create profound personal transformation, co-creation, and deep human connections. Now in the present year, we’re continuing to build incredible relationships and ultimately creating a more connected universe.

Gita In Practice

The Joy of Music and the Sound Vibration takes to the inner peace. Reduces stress, relieves of anxieties, when practiced together it removes all distraction and increases focus. It is something to experience by being a part of the community.

Please join now to get much more joy and heart fulfilling experience


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Every year I travel to various events across the globe, presenting talks on personal transformation, company culture, and unity. Speaking on stage is one of my most important platforms for raising consciousness. I’ve delivered keynotes with the likes of the Gauranga Das and Dr. Dalal. For me, nothing quite compares to the exhilaration of being on stage, sharing an idea with the potential to elevate humanity.

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